1How is a psychiatrist different from a psychologist?
A psychiatrist is a qualified doctor that specialises in the medical treatment of mental health conditions, including substance use disorders. Psychiatrists can assess both mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions and are able to prescribe appropriate medication.
2Do you need a referral?
Only if your medical aid plan requires authorization for a specialist consultation.
3What can you expect during your first consultation?
During your consultation, Dr Matshaya will ask your questions to better understand you. He will also review your medical history and, if appropriate, conduct a psychiatric evaluation.
4How long does psychiatric treatment take?
The duration of treatment depends on your condition and its severity. Dr Matshaya will determine a treatment plan for your specific needs, which may involve several therapy sessions and prescribed medication.
5Does Dr Matshaya do online consultations?
Yes. Please contact the practice for further information.
6What is our payment policy?

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